MyHotspot 22.2

Make a WiFi hotpsot from a laptop or desktop

Create a hotspot and share your Internet connection with other devices. Configure a login page, setup a PayPal transfer option, control download and upload speeds for each of the people connected, etc.

MyHotSpot will help you provide and manage Internet access by turning your computer into a wifi hotspot. This easy-to-use application makes the configuration and management simple.
First, to configure Internet sharing, you must setup the network by selecting the network card from which you will be accessing the Internet and the card to be used by the access point. In addition, you can set other aspects, such as the language you will use to provide the service to your customers. You will also be able to specify free-to-access URLs, customize the front page design and configure a firewall. Finally, you can set the payment methods, including PayPal.
To access the configuration, you will have to create management accounts and protect them with passwords. This way, if different employees will be managing the Internet service, the activities of each one of them will be controlled separately.
MyHotSpot also includes the capability to control Internet access. This comprises monitoring activities in real time and tracking the visited URLs. Furthermore, there are many features that will let you manage the accounting process. In this respect, you can specify prices and calculate the amount a definite customer must pay for the service. It will also show all statistical information about the cash sales and transactions.
In general, if you need to manage wifi hotspots at Internet cafes, schools, hotels or any other institution or business, MyHotSpot will definitely allow you to do this task very easily and reliably.

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  • It is very easy to use
  • It includes PayPal as a payment method


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